I made a book out of laminating photos of myself and the family and bound it together. That way baby could page through it while I wasn’t there and still be able to see me. Raqual @@@


21 Days before going back to work, taking it step by step and day by day.
(Thanks to Carolien, Baba en Kleuter and www.mayoclinic.com for info)

Day 21: Decide about breastfeeding, whether you will continue or not (if you are of course) and make the necessary plans.
Day 20: Finalise who will take care of your baby and discuss the detail.
Day 19: Build your support structure, for in case things do not go as planned.
Day 18: Phone the boss. Talk about return date, work load waiting, if b/f the expressing at work, sick baby, clinic visits.
Day 17: Visit the day care. Get a feel.
Day 16: Mark all your baby's clothes and items.
Day 15: Introduce baby to all your work collegues. Will help with all the questions that awaits the first day.
Day 14: Dress for work. Does it all still fit? What do you need? What clothes fo baby still need.
Day 13: Take the time to say all your thank you's. For baby shower gifts, etc.
Day 12: New routine. Try to change your baby's routine if needed to suit your working hours.
Day 11: Get fit. Make a plan to get some exercise again.
Day 10: Double up. Cook double portions and freeze, that way you have plenty backup for those first days back at work.
Day 9: Go shopping for everything you listed on day 14.
Day 8: Organise baby pictures. Download all pictures unto CD's or computer and make a list of those you want to print. Take a moment to reflect on how far you have come!
Day 7: Register for internet shopping. Save time by shopping on line at PnP and Woolworths, etc.
Day 6: Take a practice run. What time do you have to get up, dress and leave to get everything done, take traffic into account and not be rushed.
Day 5: Stock up. Diapers, wipes, etc.
Day 4: Spend the day getting your heart and mind ready.
Day 3: Meet a friend for tea and treat your self.
Day 2: Pack baby's bag. Include notes with contact details in case you are unavailable.
Day 1: Take a deep breath. Understand that you might be tired for the next few weeks and take that into account when making social dates and give yourself time to adjust.